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Re: Bi-Turbo fire habit

>Subject: Bi-Turbo fire habit
>Can someone tell me the cause of early Bi-Turbos catching fire.  I think it
>had to do with something with the electrics but can't remember what.
>Thanks in advance,
>- -Frank

This is largely a bit of Biturbo mythology.  If the car is meddled without
due care and attention, a fire hazard can result ... but isn't that the
case with any automobile?  Anyhow, for the Biturbo, specifically look out
in the following cases:

Be very careful with the routing of the
fuel hose, as a fuel leak here could hit the turbos or
manifolds which is an extreme fire hazard. 

The camboxes often leak through the gasket against
the cylinder heads or the vent flanges at the rear. This
oil will often drip onto the exhaust outlet from the
turbos. The smell is not very nice, and it is a fire

These two bits of advice were originally taken from a page about buying a
Biturbo on George Perfect's excellent Maserati site at but don't seem to be there any more.

Paul Syrysko
83 Biturbo

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