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Re: italian-cars-digest V7 #32

> A hole too small to fit over the shaft of a Coat tire machine!
> Perhaps someone could send a case study on Kia to Fiat.

I never will forget the first time I got new tires for my X1/9; the mechanic had to
break the bead and install the new tires on the rims by hand.

Kia got its foothold and experience in the USA by supplying part-owner Ford with
Festivas and Aspires, along with engineering by Mazda.  Certainly, Fiat is big
enough to do (attempt) whatever it wishes in North America (it already has
successful farm implements businesses).  It seems to me that demographics (baby
boomers having disposable income as their children leave home) could present an
opportunity for unique cars to be successful.  A good start would be an Alfa model
and perhaps a Fiat badged as an Alfa.

Dave Campbell
1974 X1/9-original owner

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