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RE: Fiat Brand Image

> >>First, you mentioned that Fiat has a negative brand value now.
> >>Not that I doubt this, but I wonder, with the typically short
> >>memory span of the american consumer, Fiat brand really negative,
> >>or is it just neutral?
> >I think it's still negative; there was enough negativity about it
> >"back then" to last a loooong time, and it's been (unfortunately)
> >burned in to our (US) cultural memory as an always-and-forever
> >bad product, along with "new Coke," Ford Pintos, and (you can
> >think of other examples yourselves). 
> perhaps true, but i don't think any auto manufacturer had a worse
> image than audi 15 years ago, and look at what they've become.
> if fiat were to re-enter the us and do a proper job of marketing, i
> personally feel that they could be very successful.  i wouldn't do it
> without a complete line of cars, and i'd do it with more than one
> marque.  when you picture a fiat you should have an image of it's big
> brother ferrari.  nothing stirs passion like an italian car, maybe you
> can't afford that ferrari in the showroom but perhaps the barchetta
> right next to it?
> bs
> My 12-year-old nephew knows, somehow, that Fiat stands for "Fix
> it again, Tony."  "Fiats suck," for whatever reason(s), is still
> part of US cultural memory.
> -steven
>  s_trujillo@domain.elided
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>      and run by losers."
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