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Twin Cam Power/ Guy Croft

As I suggested on my note to the list and Ed on this, I can't go along with
the majority here.  I raced in SCCA vintage small bore at Laguna Seca in
October and there was a  rally liveried 124 in the field which did very
well.  Don't know whose it was.  SCCA is now trying to set their vintage
rules to allow 15 year old cars, not the usual earlier cut off date most
vintage clubs use.  This makes the Fiat competetive again and there is no
teching for modificiations.  You run what you brung.  A Scorpion or Beta
coupe could run too.
	Who wants to drive a Mustang?  Have you watched them on the track
recently? Being competetive is part of the interest, but driving what you
enjoy is best.  I think the prospect of getting these cars out of hill
climbs and auto cross and onto the track is good news.  The 124 would be a
good choice.  Light, open, and you would be free to do whatever you wanted
to the twin cam.  I'd consult Guy Croft myself.

Fulvia Zagato racecar
Aurelia B20
Beta HPE

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