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Re: Brava

Paul Bergerman asked:
>I have come across an '81 Fiat Brava that I am consdidering.  I have not
>even really looked at the car yet.  Asking $1,800 (seems steep!).


If at all possible check the camber.  The front ends tend to get spay
footed, at least mine did.  Damn neat cars, IMHO.   Tis a tad much.

Ciao,  Ray (Boomer) McNairy,  Member: OF'sCC & CEG

95 Ford Contour GL V-6/MTX, Chip, Koni, Eibach,15" Moda Sports, front
X drilled rotors, carbon pads, SE rear roll bar, SVT airbox, Flowmaster
95 Chrysler Concorde  The "Queen's Barge," She likes it so what the hell!
95 Neon Sport  Granddaughter's wheels, more than enough car for her needs.

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