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X 1/9 belt tightening

Dwight Varnes wrote:

>Virtually every time I've encountered a problem with recently installed
>X1/9 belts it's been due to the owner not using FIAT belts. The sizing
>on the 5 speed (and especially a/c equipped) models is so critical that
>I haven't found an aftermarket belt that fits precisely like the FIAT
>My suggestion is to do it all over again with FIAT belts....

Now that I think about it, is there a trick to tightening belts on A/C
equipted X 1/9s?

I actually tried installing a new *FIAT* belt at first. I first used all of
the shims. But the belt just wouldn't tighten. I even took them all out but
it still wouldn't tighten. 

I thought I may have received the wrong belt because I didn't know what the
chassis number was when I ordered it (It's a 1981 model).

I took the belt off and went to an autoparts store and had them to match up
the old belt.

After installing it, it still wouldn't tighten. But when I tried to remove
the 3 nuts off the pulley the belt tightened itself. Seems like it was
really too tight. But it may have worked itself loose overtime. I'm not
experiencing any charging on cooling problems just a random squeeling sound.

Why did the belt magically tighten itself? Is there a trick? Seems like I
may have rotated the crankshaft pulley but I can't remember.

I would think that it should tighten itself when you install the shims and nuts.

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