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Re: Squealing belts and damper mounts

In a message dated 98-01-21 00:42:57 EST, you write:

<< Well today I got the car out again (dry roads), I made another sharp left
 hand turn and heard the noise again.
    James this sounds to me like a blet squealing.The worst squeal I've had
 was when I leaked a little anti-freeze on the belt.slippery stuff.

      I just installed new top strut mounts and heavy duty lower springs from
 International in my '83 X. In roughly 25 years of driving cars with that same
 I've never seen upper mounts anything like this.The fronts were mashed and
 the rears were both mashed and had a roughly 21/5"slot worn in the underside.
 If these were from a bad batch maybe everyone with '83 X1/9's should think
 about checking these out.
    Anyway the car is handleing much better although I sense there are more
 parts under there I still need to replace.

                 Mark Manley

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