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heater valves

>Damon Kane wrote:

>It's a heater valve for a VW/Audi. It fits the 5/8" heater hose and is about
>2 inches long. I still got it but have never used it.
>I'm sure you could easily mount one of these in the engine compartment.
>Trouble is finding a cable that long.

Maybe you could use the motor valve from VAG?
It is a valve with electric motor and a position potentiometer.
It can run against the stop without harm, and runs quite slowly
so you could use just the activation time as a measure for how
much you want to open it. I would not be surprised if it's the
same valve you have there, just with the motor added.

What's the I-car content in this? Well this valve is also used
in the BiTurbo with computerized aircon. :-)

Einar Sjaavik

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