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Alfa parts for sale.

	Hi All, I'm liquidating the last of my 4 cylinder Alfa parts. The list is short, terms are easy.

(1) set of two piece factory Alfetta Euro-headers, like new. $160
(1) Shankle sure start, replaces the Thermostatic Actuator on all SPICA 4 cylinder cars, new never used. I paid $65 your price $50.

(1) K & N air filter setup for SPICA cars $35

(1) '78-'79 Alfetta, kidney shaped chrome grill center piece, like new $40

	Trades for GTV-6 and Milano, factory service manuals, brochures, posters, banners, etc. welcome. Prices do not include shipping.


--Greg Fosmark
NWAROC # 36486


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