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fiat dino questions

        I looked at an alleged 1967 2.0 Fiat Dino coupe (it has a solid 
     rear axle, but its vanity plates indicate it might be a 1970) for sale 
     this weekend, which I'm sort of considering buying.  Body and interior 
     seem OK and it drives alright, but the engine may be a project.  It 
     runs roughly and noisily, and may have a blown head gasket due to 
     water visible in the oil filler pipe, though the water and oil look 
     OK.  It also seems not to run on all cylinders all the time, hunting 
     between 4 and 5 or 5 and 6.  I didn't do a compression test (it was 
     very rainy), but the owner claimed all cylinders were around 120, 
     which strikes me as pretty low. 
        Questions:  How astronomical are parts prices for the motor?  And 
     how available are parts going to be?  For example, if I need to do the 
     head gaskets, how much are the parts likely to run?  And what are the 
     common items that I will find worn out, or causing the head gasket 
     problems (or other cause of apparent water in the oil filler), when I 
     open up the motor, such as timing chains, valve job, etc.  I would 
     plan to do the labor myself.  I'm pretty used to Alfa prices, but 
     realize this may be a different world.  
        Or, what would one expect to pay a reputable shop to do head 
     gaskets on a Dino, or an engine rebuild?  Who sells parts for these, 
     other than maybe Ferrari dealers?
     Andrew Watry
     67 AR Giulia Super
     69 AR Berlina
     74 AR GTV

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