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paint removal from plastic

- - Dan Roach asked about overspray on plastic trim.

- - Dan, I've tried and it seems nearly imossible to get paint off plastic
- - without damaging the finish.

A suggestion was made about using a lye based cleaner to remove overspray.
Yes, Easy-Off type products are used by model builders - however - it's
pretty strong stuff and there is NO guarantee it will or won't harm the
plastic. I've seen it go both ways. It would not be my choice for an
automotive application.

My recomendation is a product made by SEM called "Sand Free"  It's a solvent
product in a quart can.  You wipe it on to hard to sand area like door jambs
when painting a car.  When applied liberally and repeatedly several times
before you paint, it will soften a top coat enough for the new paint to bite

In the case of removing light overspray.  A little bit lightly rubbed over
the area will remove the overspray.  Don't overdo it, and take your time.
It will work just fine. It will remove any aerosol type paint on the plastic
if it has been previously refinished - but so will the Easy Off.  Put it
this way - body shops don't use Easy Off to remove overspray.  


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