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Fuel lines inside of car

>My 77 Spider (late production) also has fuel lines that run through the =
>interior of the car.  This looks to be factory.  My 76 had the lines =
>running up the drive shaft tunnel outside the car.  Is this common on =
>all later Fiat Spiders (or did ol' Guido mis-read the prints on his =
>first couple of days on the production line back in 77)?  The line goes =
>from metal to hose and back to metal for about a foot.  It kind of gives =
>the car the smell of gas if I leave the windows up while it is in =

The fuel injected versions are routed like this as well. When I replaced the
fuel line/injector hoses on my spider, gasoline trickled from the return
line and into the passenger compartment. It took about 4 days for the smell
to dissipate. 

James Seabolt -----> mailto:jseabolt@domain.elided

United States

1980 FIAT 2000 Spider (injected)
1981 FIAT X 1/9 (Injected)
1994 JEEP Wrangler (2.5l )
1976 Chevrolet Pickup (454 Big Block)

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