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Scorpion wheels on X1/9's

I agree 100% with what Mark Rawlings wrote in ICD #25 and it bears

<< On the other hand, a Lancia Scopion's 13*5.5" wheel makes an ideal wheel
for an X1/9.  I used them on both my X1/9s and really like the way their "X"
shape accentuates the X1/9.  Best of all, they're a well built ITALIAN wheel
and readily available. >>

The Scorpion wheel has the correct offset, bolts right on using either lug
bolts from the X1/9 (if it had alloys) or by using the lug bolts from the
Scorpion. Is relatively light weight, well made and as Mark observed the "X"
shape really look great on an X1/9. Especially when in motion, the rotating
"X" creates a really nice effect. Those of you Scorpion owners who have looked
and admired your reflection in a store fronts' glass window while rolling by
at slow speed know what I mean!

Best Wishes,

Ed at Caribou
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