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Compiling a list of Fiat friendly auto repair shops


I've begun compiling a list of Fiat friendly repair shops and professional
mechanics and I need your help!

 If anyone has a favorite repair facility for their Fiat, let me know.  I
know that many, if not most of you do your own maintenance and repair work
- myself included - but there are things I would rather leave to a pro and
there are times when it's too cold, dark, wet, or otherwise inconvenient to
crawl under the Fiat. My garage has no heat and I'll be damned if I'm going
to chase gremlins when it's 15 degrees out! I figure I'm not the only one
in this situation.

I'm hoping to get a good sized list and publish it both on my website and
through FLU as a service to Fiat freaks (mostly in the US, but I appreciate
any info from elsewhere as well).

If anyone has any input (positive or negative), names, addresses, phone
numbers, e-mail addresses, etc...I'd like to hear from you.

All the best!

Christopher Judd  
e-mail: juddman@domain.elided

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