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US / Canadian -spec cars

Within the doorjams there were two plates. One said, "This car meets U.S.
emmision requirements" and the other one said, "This car meets 1982 U.S.
impact and bumper standards."

OK, why in the world would a Canadian spec Spider have these stickers? Could
it be that the requirements for both two countries were so similiar it
didn't matter?

I was told by a guy from Canada that his 1987 Volkswagon Golf didn't have a
converter so it's weird that my 1982 Spider came with a converter.
The 1974 x1/9 I bought new in California has a plate stating that it meets all Canadian requirements.  Its my guess that there was not enough volume in Canada to justify making different versions for that market alone.  Since US requirements were more stringent, why not just put all of them on one boat?

Dave Campbell
1974 X1/9

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