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Black X 1/9 trim

Dan Roach asked about overspray on plastic trim.

Dan, I've tried and it seems nearly imossible to get paint off plastic
without damaging the finish.

I'd suggest that painting is a very good alternative, provide that you pay
particular attention to preparation and to the selection of the paint
particulary regarding gloss and flexibility.

The palstic bits are likely to be oxidized and contaminated with wax so
prep is very important.  You should select a paint that is not very glossy
as the parts always were a nearly flat black.  The hard parts (such as air
scoops) can be painted with unmodified paint.  The bumper rub strips
probably should have a flexibility agent added to the paint.

I've seen some very competent paint jobs on the plastic bits.  Ususally the
owners are attempting to match the body color.  I'm not sure I like it ,
but I always find it interesting to look at.

Good luck


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