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Selling My 76 Fiat Spider

A sad day has come. I am forced to sell my Fiat.

1976 Fiat 124 Spider
1608cc Engine replaced the original 1756cc
Repainted Orange-ish (Can still see the original
	red in the "hidden" places)

Good things:	Replaced the alternator & battery last April
		Replaced all the brake pads/rotors & U-Joints
			last January
		Body shell mainly rust free
		Quite a few spare parts:

			Radiator, Distributor, Instruments
			1756cc Head, Various Interior Stuff
			5 Gallon Bucket of Transmission Fluid

Bad Things:	Real main seal leaks
		Needs new top (Window Split In Half)
		Hole in floor pan right behind the driver's
			seat. About 3-4" in diameter.

I run the engine about once a month for 15-20 minutes to keep
everything pretty smooth, but the battery needs recharging.

I am asking $1200 but I would rather take a little less from someone
who knows Fiats rather than a Chevy guy who thinks it's "cute".

The car is located in San Angelo, Tx.

Please feel free to E-Mail me with any questions about the car.

Jason Bufford

76 Fiat 124 Spider (W/1608cc Engine)

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