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Black X1/9 trim

Regarding the X1/9 trim & painting it black...

I had my '91 X1/9 bumpers sandblasted and had then anodized.  Once the
bumpers are anodized, you need to spray a few coats of black semi gloss
enamel over the existing black anodizing.  This provides a nice even
tough finish.  You may also fix any bad spots your bumper has at this
point.  I have ben driving my X since '95 like this with zero chips–it

I'm not sure it will work on the window chrome, for that I just bought
the black trim from a '87 model Bertone and used what I needed.

Brett Melancon
Art Director
Freeman Melancon Bryant Advertising
Knoxville, Tennessee
East Tennessee Italian Car Club, President
91 Alfa Romeo 164S (hauler)
91 Nissan Pathfinder (Family hauler)
81 Fiat X1/9 (RHD, Imported from England on the QE2)
85 Bertone X1/9 (experiment on rust and Italian cars)
96 "Fiat" Lawnmoweropia (12.5hp red convertible)
49 Caddy pedal car (Token American Iron)

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