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Why I Ilke my FIAT

This is just one of those rambling things that I had to put to pen.

About 2 years ago (right about the time I turned 30) I found myself 
walking into a supermarket and thinking that the Chevy Impala SS that 
I had just passed was a pretty cool car.  Just then I realized that I 
was talking about a BIG American 4 Door sedan.... ACK!  Not long 
after that I bought a Alfa 164L because they were almost cheap and 
heck it was a pretty cool car.  The old 124 Sedan gathered dust for 
the next 2 years.

Well any one who knows me, knows that Im not to easy on cars and 
about 5 weeks ago I crunched the 164.  Not too bad - but I had to 
take it off the road for some R&R for a while.  I jump into the 72 
124 Sedan 1438 push rod and about 200k miles (all 
original).  It started and ran great. and had done so for about 5000 
miles this winter.

WHAT A CAR.  Never lets me down.  Has a far better heater than any 
Alfa I've ever driven.  Looks pretty cool (if you use your 
imagination).  And eveyone I talk to, when Im filling it up for 
$8.00, asks "what kinda car is that........  hmmmm  a Fiat......who 
made it?"

If nothing else - it slows me down a little.

Ya'll have a great Holiday!!!
1991 Alfa Romeo 164L
1981 Fiat X 1/9 ITC
1972 Fiat 124 Special
1973 Fiat 124 Special
1971 124 Sider

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