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RE: Spider Sound Deadening Material

wcm3@domain.elided (William C. Macfarland) wrote:

>Has anyone out there replaced the sound deadening material in their Fiat? I've
>torn all mine up to address the rust underneath.  I see that Eastwood's has
>somekind of sound deadening/insulation, but it looks a little expensive. I'm
>using a paintable coating from Eastwoods on the interior of the floor pan to
>handle any surface rust. Any comments are welcome.

I know I sound like an advocate for J.C. Whitney's (and no I don't own stock
in them) but they sell all kinds of that stuff. I don't think they sell that
tar based material used in Fiats but they sell other types.

I've used that Corroless stuff from Eastwood that your probably talking
about. The pockets below the rear window on my X 1/9 were all rusty from
where water had sat because pine needles had plugged up the drain holes. I
coated them with corroless and they are holding up. Which has been about 1
1/2 years ago.

It works great on surface rust but as far as rear wheel archs, there is
nothing that will stop them from rusting other than welding in new metal.

I've coated the ones on my Spider 3 times and spotpainted the area but the
rust keeps coming back. I imagine it's because they are rusting from the
inside out and not outside in. Last time I used a product made by Mar-Hyde
that turns the metal purple. It's held up the longest but for how long....



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