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Spider Sound Deadening Material

Has anyone out there replaced the sound deadening material in their Fiat? I've
torn all mine up to address the rust underneath.  I see that Eastwood's has
somekind of sound deadening/insulation, but it looks a little expensive. I'm
using a paintable coating from Eastwoods on the interior of the floor pan to
handle any surface rust. Any comments are welcome.

Update on brake lines: replacing brakelines is on hold. It looks like I'll hav
to replace the fuel lines as well.  A friend's parts car may serve as a donor
for brake/fuel lines. We'll see.

Update on Holley 5200: Thanks to Csaba I have an air filter housing. I'll bolt
on the new carb and jet it next summer when I have my car on the road. I have to
pass NC emissions first.

Update on floor pan: Welding continues. I have to replace some metal very close
to the fuel and brake lines. To prevent blowing the car up, I'll wait to weld
this metal until I have the lines out for replacement.

Thanks to all of those ICDers out there who have helped me on this project.

Happy Holidays,
Bill in NC
'77 Spider (maybe I should name it Quixote)

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