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pulling 124 rear axle, retainers, etc.

There was a little net traffic on 124 rear axles, the various styles, etc. Somebody wanted to pull out the axle shafts to replace the oil seals and/or o-ring - and Dwight Varnes offered some advice.

 to quote Dwight "
  So far as I know (and I'm guessing, based on experience with a
Pinto of all things) that the axles are held into the center section by
circlips on the shaft ends. When you shove the axle back in, the spring
clip depresses enough to pop into a retaining groove in the center
section. I think. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. "

  Well, to help out here, Dwight is incorrect. As very clearly shown in every FIAT shop manual, and in the aftermarket manuals, the retaining circlips are at the OUTER ENDS of the assembly, and are easily pulled out with a large pair of 90 degree inside circlip pliers ( I suggest a Snap-On PR-259, because they are pretty big circlips). Then the axles themselves come out ( if snug, try using a wheel with lug bolts partially loose as a crude slide hammer) - allowing access to the internal oil seal, and o-ring in the bearing OD position in the axle carrier.


                                                     John Fox

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