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1" swaybar installation

I'm trying to install a 1" front swaybar on my 2000 Spider. I can't figure
out how it is suppose to mount to the car using the original hardware.

The kit included:

2 bushings
2 brackets
8 washers
the swaybar 

The instructions don't give me too many details.

I learned that the kit should have included 4 bushings instead of 2.

So I had a local place that deals with that sort of stuff order me two more
of the exact same size as the ones I got with the kit.

But I am still confused as to how your suppose to use the original swaybar
hardware on the 1" bar.

I also learned that I am supposed to re-use the center brackets. However the
1" bushing won't fit in the lower center bracket. I tried pounding them with
a hammer (have you seen that Pep-Boys commerical where those two guys are
pounding on a battery trying to make it fit some guy's car)? 

And if I could get it to fit, the top bracket won't butt up against the
bushing because it's larger which leaves about a 3/4 " gap between the the two.

I tried using the original center bushings but they don't work very well
because they are too small to wrap around the swaybar.

The second problem is the end brackets. I was told to use the new brackets
on the ends. The original brackets are contoured to the control arm and the
new brackets are flat which means they will be sort of crooked if I use them
there. Will this make a difference?

What should I do, bend out the original center brackets so they will accept
the larger bushings and machine out the mounting holes?

Try bending the new brackets so they will contour to the control arm?

If anyone out there has installed a 1" swaybar on a 124/2000 Spider, please
contact me directly or send a C.C. directly to me. 
I beleive the bar is made by Addco if that means anything. 



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