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re: wheel thread/Speedline

I've just gotten a call, and info is in the mail, that Speedline's
competition line of wheels will soon be available in the US, including a
number of used take-off rally car wheels! Prices are expected to be
quite reasonable.
Of particular interest to all of us, of course, will be Fiat/Lancia/Alfa
fitments. The only thing I've found out for sure is that Lancia Delta
wheels (new and used) will be available. These are being sourced through
ProDrive in the UK, those happy folks that keep putting Colin McRae's
Suby back together.
I'll post additional details as soon as I receive them.
Dwight Varnes                              "Life is too short to drive a
70 Fiat 124 Spider (restored)			   minivan." 
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98 Ford Contour (company car, got to pick the color)

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