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Sound deadener

Bill in NC asked about cheaper alternatives to the "high-priced spread"

You can make an effective and very inexpensive sound deadener with building
felt (tar paper) and roofing cement (tar). Cut two or more pieces of felt
to the shape of the area of application. Put a few dabs of the roofing
cement on the panel to hold a sheet of the felt in place. Spread the felt
with a thin coat of roofing cement and 
layer on another sheet of felt. Repeat the layers as much as you think you
need to to achieve the desired result. You can determine the right numbers
of layers of felt by trial. Start with one felt-cement-felt stack and drive
the car. If more is needed, add it til its right.

The felt comes in large rolls, but sometimes you can get some leftover at a
building site. The roofing cement somer in gallon pails. try Home Depot.
For under $15, we could probably do most of the cars on the digest. 

Paul Rollins
Vancouver, WA

'72 Fiat 850 Spider
'82 Alfa Spider
'58 Alfa Giulietta Spider
'81 Vespa P200E
(plus assorted British and German cars and bikes)

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