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re: Seabolt's desire for boost

> I beleive modern cars use a knock sensor to control
> detonation. Does anyone know of any "simple" aftermarket knock sensor which
> fits between the control module and the ignition coil? Jacobs electronics
> may sell them.

Yes, James, there are aftermarket ones available. MSD makes one that
retards the timing automatically when boost is detected. There is also
another brand available that is half again as expensive that allows you
to set it manually and will only retard the timing when it actually
detects a "knock". I can't recall the brand, but my bro-in-law is
getting one for project Miata Turbo.

> I assume that the "air" inlet and outlet snouts on the turbo get very hot so
> a common rubber pipe connector from a hardware store will melt. Anyone know
> where I can get these any the piping needed for the ductwork? What are these
> connectors made of?

They are made of silicone, and are available in elbows and other shapes
in various sizes. Can be sourced from a racing supply place such as
Racer WHolesale. Expensive, but the easy way to make bends. The Miata
will use these in concert with straight aluminum tubing to plumb the
intercooler. Once everything fits, and the hoses wear, we plan to
replace them with mandrel bent tubing.

> On the "original" turbo spiders, a nipple was brazed onto the side of the
> oilpan for the oil return line. Althought I am willing to remove the oilpan,
> I am wondering if I could just install one of those filter adapters for an
> oil cooler and plumb the oil that way?

I would strongly suggest a water cooled turbo instead. This will solve a
lot of problems and increase the durability of both turbo and engine.

I think you are underestimating the cost of doing this also. I would
plan on at least $1000, probably more like $1500. Of course, dual Webers
will cost nearly as much, and can't instantly provide the horsepower
increase that a turbo will, so you're still ahead.
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