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Re: 77 124 Spider Calif Smog

At 07:52 PM 12/18/97 -0500,  I wrote:

>Now, a fiat mechanic who allegedly knows his stuff says that emission
>control system on the car is working perfectly and that the thermo vacuum
>switch should not provide vacuum to the EGR valve at 3000 RPM.  Also, the
>thermo switch was just replaced and it does work OK at low RPM.

Correction.  The thermo switch on this car shuts off vacuum to the EGR valve
when the car is warm.  And the problem cames down to a difference between
what the car was doing (which was what the fiat mechanic said it should do)
and what the emissions guy said his manual said the car should do.  I should
also add that most people I've talked to feel that the thermo switch is
acting exactly the opposite of what such switches normally do (ie open up
when hot).

Anyway, it is at this point just a curiosity since the car now has a valid
CA smog certificate.  I think the original test station decided to overlook
the apparent vacuum problem since the car passed otherwise.


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