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Alfa Manuals For Sale

I have the following for sale:

Shop Manual
"Giulietta and Giulietta Sprint"-approx. 290 pages
Includes two supplements:
"Giulia 1600 Cars-Technical Characteristics and Principal
Inspection Specifications"
"Instruction And Maintenance Manual for Alfa Romeo 1750
Fuel Injection Models"
Instruction Books
"Giulietta Cars"-88 pages-$50.00
"Giulietta"-121 pages-$50.00
"1750 Berlina"-79 pages-$50.00

Owner's Manual
"1750 Berlina"
"1750 GT Veloche"
"1750 Spider Veloche"
All in one manual-110 pages-$50.00

Owner's Manual
"2000 GT Veloche-1974"-116 pages-$50.00

Misc. Bobcor Notes, Newsletters & Catalog
1974 thru 1983
Master Catalog & Yearbook-1977

I will pay shipping.

Regards, Bob  (BobWarner@domain.elided)

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