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Re: Digest format

At 08:26 PM 12/13/97 -0500, James Seabolt wrote:
>What's the deal with the ICD here lately? It's almost dead. It appears that
>it is just sent out whenever it collects 10 messages or more.

the digest goes out:

1) when there are 40,000 bytes or more of collected messages

2) when a message arrives and it has been more than 24 hour since the last

previously, i had a timer set to send a digest out early every morning;
we're trying the new mechanism to see if it's an improvement.

finally, it appears that more than a few readers may not have made the
transition to the new server very well. i didn't really want to do the
cutover the way i did; i was afraid we'd loose people, but there were a lot
of problem addresses on the old list, and i needed to find a way to purge them.

i saw one complaint about "why did he change it?".

the reason is simple. this new server will end up saving me a bunch of
money; hopefully i'll not have to go out and ask for donations to support
the lists ever again.

there are other reasons, too, but cutting costs is a biggie.

Richard Welty                                             518-783-9003 (days)
welty@domain.elided (<== real job)

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