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Scorpion Doaner Car

I am passing along the following information for a friend, I have not seen
the car mentioned nor make any personal caims for the auccracy of the
following information (DRK):

For Sale:  1976 Lancia Scorpion with spares  $800 or best offer

This car was titled as a 1977 but has the solid sail panels of the earlier
year.  The car come with many hard to find, original spares. The body is
rough but complete.  The engine has recieved performance modifications and
runs well.  Seats recently reupolstered.  Extra nose panel, rear valance,
instrument cluster, new original style roof tie down straps. The car will
be sold complete plus spares.  This represents a good opportunity for
someone restoring a Scorpion and is need a spares.  The car is in Hilton
Head South Carolina.

If you are interested or know someone who is, contact David King at 

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