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just a weird thought...

I'm typing this during a commercial break of 'Back to the Future 1' (seen umpteen times already, but still fun)..
Besides me lays an article of European Car about the Coupe Fiat (thanks Costel!), about how you can't get these new cool Fiats in the US.

Doc Brown is looking at this Delorian in awe, and Marty is happy to explain how the car works.

And this is just how I feel!

You are all living in 1983 (Last year of Fiat in the USA), and I'm here in 1997, enjoying my ~new~ Fiat, and y'all can't get it, only read about it in car magazines!
That's a weird tought! Being Marty McFly!

Oh, the show is starting already ;-)


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