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'60 Fiat Multipla for sale

I visited a guy this weekend with a 1960 Multipla for sale.  The car is in original condition, has lived in Arizona all it's life -- no rust that I could see anywhere, and, yes, I crawled underneath it.  It runs and drives, although the engine looks to have some kludges in the cooling system, an electric fuel pump, etc.  The body is extremely straight with only a dent in the panel below the engine bay;  a replacement panel is included, though.  It looks to have original paint, which is red with a black top (typical Multipla two-tone).  There's a brand new windshield -- not installed, some new rubber and some spares (bumpers, an extra engine, transmission, trim pieces, etc.).  It looked as if everything was there and then some.  The bright metalwork looks really nice on the car -- it would polish up very well.  If you went to his house to pick it up, he would sell for $2000.
For a really nice restoration the car needs:
Paint  -- exterior only, really.  Interior paint looks good.
Seats recovered. 
New door panels -- looks to be an easy fabrication. 
Some engine work -- minor stuff to make it "right". 
In general, it's a typical Arizona classic car:  paint faded, interior dry and cracked, but body rust-free.  I looked at all the curved parts of the body (wheel wells, etc.) and couldn't find any sign of the car ever being hit. If I had the money and energy, I'd buy it and restore it myself. 
I have no financial interest and I don't even know the guy very well.  I would, however, like to see it go to a digest-member who will do it justice so we can get an update on it.  It deserves a good restoration.
If anyone is interested, drop me an email.

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