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Re: Searching for a Dino

Greetings Fellow ICDers:

In response to Brett's posting regarding Fiat Dinos, I too have recently been
smitten by the Dino bug.  I have at my disposition a 1967 2.0 Fiat Dino
Spyder, fully unrestored and in boxes.  I am nearing a point where I will need
to make my mind up on purchasing or passing on this *deal*.  I really feel
that the four cam, V-6 engine of the Dino would complement my Montreal and

The car is a local Portland car, and sits on four jack stands, entirely
stripped.  All major steel repair work has been done, and the 'scocca' sits
there stripped of paint and bondo.  The parts are said to be all there, save
for a couple of items.  Should I elect to consumate this deal, I will fully
inventory all parts prior to making a final offer.

Brett, there are some resources out there for prospective Dinoisti:  Subscribe
to "The Other Dino" newsletter, published monthly by Wally Clark.  It is an
invaluable resource for Dino information.  Wally makes available copies of the
shop and parts manuals at resonable prices.  The annual subscription price is
USD25.  His address is 10501 Park Villa Circle, Villa Park, California  (CA)
92861-5318 USA.

Another resource I found is the Giorgio Nada Editore book on the Fiat Dino in
their "cars that made history" series.  I also have the similar book on the AR
Montreal.  Unfortunately, both books are in Italian (not a problem for me, as
I read, write and speak the stuff).  It has a lot of photos, history and tech

Fiat Dino ownership puts you in a lonely class:  too "lowly" to fratrenize
with the cavallino rampante types, and not common enough to gather downtown
with similar owners.

Keith Martin, of the Sports Car Market fame (or infamy), has had several fair
and enlightening articles on these Dinos, and his market information is
indicative of the market.  Remember, the market only pays what it feels the
car is worth!  The 2.0 Coupes are going for about half what the 2.0 Spyders go
for; asking prices for the 2.4 Spyders are about 1.5 times the 2.0 Spyders.
Check TOD, Hemmings, SCM, CPI and other resources for current asking prices.
Recent published auction data will provide some idea what folks are paying for
these cars.

The 2.4 cars are more modern, they have better developed suspension and
brakes, better gearbox, and slightly more powerful engine.  Many improvements
were made to the chassis as well.  Externally the 2.4s are very similar in
appearance to the 2.0s.

The market seems to favor the 2.4s, as they are less common.  However since
they were never factory imported, you may have DOT/EPA issues to deal with.
The pre-1968 2.0 cars are typically exempt.

I am told that the engines are identical to the Ferrari Dinos (206s/246s).
Certain additional holes may have to drilled and threaded, but the blocks are
the same.  Consequently, be prepared to pay Ferrari prices for Fiat parts!
The 2.0s are an alloy block with dry steel liners; the 2.4s are a cast iron
block.  Both have alloy heads.

Before you commit to the purchase, become informed:  the last thing you want
to do is buy ignorantly and regret it later.  Good luck!


Doug Zaitz
Portland, Oregon
72 AR Montreal
86 AS Sprint 1.5 QV
73 Triumph Stag
67 Fiat Dino Spyder #464 (soon to commit)

>Date: Mon, 08 Dec 1997 07:51:17 -0500
>From: Brett Melancon <fmbadvert@domain.elided>
>Subject: Searching for Dino
>Well, I think I've gone crazy this time, I have decided to consider
>buying a Fiat Dino.  I was hoping that someone out there in cyber-land
>could enlighten me as to the merits and or strikes  that a Dino may have
>since I know virtually nothing about these cars.  I am currently looking
>at Dwight's Dino and he has sent me info on it.  I'm going to look into
>his car further and see if it is the right one for me.
>The things I plan to use this car for include fun weekend family duty. 
>I want an Italian car that can seat four  (two carseats currently) and
>deliver a resonable amount of comfort for weekend trips and shows.  I
>know the rear seat of a Dino is small, but can it hold car seats? How
>hard are the parts to get?  Is the V-6 from the Dino compatable with the
>Ferrari V-6?  I've heard that the 2.4L version is the better engine than
>a 2.0L, any truth to this?  How much does a rebuild cost.  
>Finally, does anyone know what a decent price to pay for one of these
>things would be.  I'm not afraid of doing work on it, possibly even a
>restoration as long as it is all there to start with.
>Any leads, informaton and experiences would be welcome.
>Brett Melancon

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