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Valve adjustment...

> From: randy mangum <rmangum@domain.elided>
> Subject: tech info concerning shims 
> ok all you alfa guys , i am in need of a little information concerning 
> valve shims . after installing a set of pbs cams -

Uhh, in what? An Alfa or a Fiat, I'll assume a twin-cam Fiat engine.

> - forgetting these are 
> regrinds with short heals , haven't a shim that even comes close . my 
> shim set goes up to 4.85 , and , found one 5 , but it is 7 thou or so 
> to small . the way i see it , there are two options . one would be cut 
> the cam towers

Sounds like we're talking 124...

> .  the second is install alfa shims under the tappet , 
> and, finish the adjustment in th e standard fashion . so my question is 
> what is the minimum size available for alfa's .

Here's your answer. Call a Volvo parts dealer and see what the largest
valve adjusting shim they have. I never really had to do this, but once
when I needed a large shim for an old Fiat of mine, I heard once from
some crazy Fiat mechanic in Santa Cruz that you can use Volvo shims. In
fact, they bought rights to use Fiat's designs in their engines.

According to what I hear, Volvo has a much wider range of shims. (Or at
least it's offset larger...)

You might also call PBS and see what they suggest. I think that they're
still around in either Garden Grove or Culver City California.

> if it's 2 mm or there 
> abouts , then life is good . if not , well it's off to the machine shop
> any advice from past experience , or suggestions that will lead to a 
> fix will be greatly appreciated .

I'd try the Volvo shims first...


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