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Re: [ihc] Further Wish us luck with IVAN

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Subject: Re: [ihc] Further Wish us luck with IVAN

> Digesters,Ted, Ryan, Jim G, Hofs and all who sent personal messages, thank
> you for your concern.
> Its been a rough few days, but we made it through. We now have power after
> having none since the storm, and the cleanup begins. Our damage is
minimal. We
> were VERY fortunate that the storm turned east at the last hour and put us
> the much more favorable western side. From 20 to 100 miles east of us, the
> devastation is incredible. Up until the turn eastward at landfall, the
storm eye
> was on track to pass right over my house. Instead of the 130+ mph eyewall
> we expected, we "only" got 80 to 100 mph winds.
> The only casualties we suffered were some large limbs from the large Oak
> the back yard, some roof shingles, and the previously pristine headliner
in my
> 73 T'all accidently gouged by the corner of a plywood sheet brought home
> board up before the storm.

Very glad to hear that you all are ok.

I drove through the remnants of Ivan to go to GA.  Skipped across to
Chattanooga before the storm crossed I-24 (so I just had some light rain and
wind).  Stayed for a few minutes there to catch a break passing over I-75
and zipped down to Atlanta (with a stop at a rest area for 20 minutes
partway down).  All in all, I didn't end up being in winds that were all
that bad and the only rain was fairly light (that *I* went through).  By the
time I got to Atlanta the traffic was no longer stopped (mainly because it
was extremely light).  The weather I was dodging around was 50mph and
upwards sustained winds with tornadoes imbedded, it's nice being able to
plan stops where you can see a radar picture.

I have heard that Pensacola got hit *extremely* bad.   For those of you who
don't know, there is a large section of I-10 crossing the bay that no longer
exists and other portions along the coast apparently were washed away.
Power is probably still out.  One of my neighbors is an FAA engineer and is
down there trying to restore Nav Aids for air traffic.  He called (most
likely via a satellite phone he's issued by the FAA to report in with) and
reported the worst conditions he's ever seen (remember, he goes to all
hurricane sites in order of severity, including areas such as Greneda).
This includes people fighting over food being distributed.

I mentioned pensacola because I hadn't heard from a friend who is down
there... and then I figured I could bug her parents.  She was allowed to
make a phone call out and let them know she's ok, which I'm happy to report.
Apparently NAS Pensacola is not in all that great shape though so they are
still in the shelter they were stuffed into awaiting instructions.

Anyone else notice that they are saying Jeanne could go around in a circle
and *still* end up hitting florida?


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