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RE: [ihc] Brake Line Part Numbers

I'll probably end up bending the tubes but not yet.  I need to put the
shocks on first and see how they limit droop before I do it.  Everything I
touch on the '72 ends up breaking and needing to be replaced.  Pretty much
everything comes off only with a grinder and cutting wheel.  Rather than
breaking and replacing the tubes I'll see if I need to first.

I did replace the rear hose with a hose from Autozone.  NAPA didn't have it
in stock.  It took a while for the parts clerk to understand that I didn't
have a E-350 (computer would only let her get so far without specific
vehicle details) but once she got the picture we found two hoses with the
same fittings that were different lengths.  Both were longer than the stock
Scout II hose and for the E-350.  I picked the longer one for the E-350 4x4.
It works great.

Thanks for the help everyone.


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> I don't think I'll need to do anything on the front.  Even with the axle
> tires hanging in the air with the Scout up on jack stands there is plenty
> extra line in the front.  I'll visit NAPA and get the rear line.
> Thanks
> Pete

The front's are in the sides, thus you'll get more droop and extension when
compressing one side (flexing) than just letting it hang.  Since the rear is
in the center you won't.

You should bend those front tubes IMO.


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