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Re: [ihc] '73 v. '74/'75 radiator

Joseph Shaw, II wrote:
Can anyone tell me offhand whether radiators were interchangeable over these
years for trucks/travelalls?  I need one for a '73 392, and can get one from a
'74 or '75 via mail, but could not remember if that got changed with the
shroud/engine mount change or not.
I've put a '73 radiator in a '74 before. You probably can't run a shroud that way, and you have to take the correct 74/75 upper rad hose and cut a section out, insert some exhaust tubing and use a few clamps, and rotate the hose.

Not the best situation.

Putting a '74 rad into a '73 may be more problematic. The difference is primarily in the upper fitting on the radiator - they have a very different bend to 'em.

OTOH, I could use another '74 radiator.. :D

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