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[ihc] Oh, yeah-another brake question!

Sorry, I could have included this in my earlier request, because this also deals with my '67/'77 Scout Diesel Hybrid.

I have finally, after several different rounds of trouble-shooting, question-asking, and scratching my head, started to conquer this thing-I need the improved fuel cost, as well as the convertible top!!!

Anyway, the reason I originally got this thing was due to a brake problem that the prior owner had and got tired of trying to figure out and gave up on.  He supposedly did a lot of work, replaced some lines, replaced the Master cylinder, replaced the front rotors, etc.  I did trouble-shoo tand see that the lines were never really "bended," properly, but were instead "bent" sharply by hand, and thus, at points, it appears they may be virtually flow impeding.

But I, before completely changing and re-running the lines, was removing the old ones for some measurements.  I then, after getting them completely loose from the MC, decided I should make sure the MC was working properly before moving on, as it has sat for a bit over a year now since it was alast working, and supposedly this MC was never really used, as in the process of changing all of this stuff, the brakes never got back to working condition.  Well, with nothing attached to the MC outlet ports, when stepping on the brakes, I got light squirting out of the rear reservoir, and NO squirting out of the front reservoir.  Thus, I am assuming that it is not working properly, and am going to get a new MC to put on there before proceeding, so that everything will be nice new and on "equal terms."  However, I have asked about the proportioning valve on this model before, and after removing this MC was a bit confused.  This MC was a dual reservoir set-up, completely isolated from each other as far as front and rear reservoirs go.  They are together in the MC, but don't have any "common overflow" area, if you understand what I am trying to say.  It is a front to rear orientation, meaning that one reservoir is closer to the front of the vehicle than the other, instead of a side-by-side set up.  I don't recall which reservoir is supposed to go to which set of brakes, but this got me wondering about a couple of things:

1.) Should a '77 braking system have a front to rear, dual chamber MC in a non-power brake set-up?

2.) If so, does one run a line from both reservoirs to a proportioning valve, and if so, WHY?  The old non-power brake systems often controlled pressure/power of braking by simply having different flows from the different reservoirs, didn't they?  Or else the front to rear brake fluid chambers were both to drum brakes, so they didn't need different pressures.

3.) If I am supposed to run these separate lines INTO a prop valve, WHERE do I run them into it?  I cannot find enough ports to run two lines IN, as well as two lines OUT.  Is this the wrong prop valve on here or something?  I was thinking that one line ran the fluid to the prop valve, and it was the job of the prop valve to SPLIT the fluid in the right quantites/pressures to control the drum v. disc brakes.

4.) If I must find a prop valve to install in this system, didn't I hear somewhere that the best one to ask for is a late '70's Chevrolet PU truck?  I think I heard this is the same, or very nearly the same one, and that it is still on the books, whereas the IH will not show up on the books.

5.) In trying to remedy this situation, should I ask for the MC from the '67 (which I am guessing is what this one is, and is thus, why it is so confusing and not functioning properly), or from the '77 (which I assume I should use, as the brakes-front disc, rear drum-are designed to work on this system)?

6.) If I get the MC from the '77, I will DEFINITELY need a Prop valve, correct? 

7.) Will that '77 MC mount to the same space as the '67 style one did?  It simply has two bolts on each side of the hole where it mounts on the firewall.  I think this is the same as the later models, but not sure.  I know that ther eis an issue with mounting POWER BRAKEs in the earlier model Scouts, due to the angle and size of the booster, but I am thinking I may be lucky and the non-power set-up will fit right in there.

Okay-if anyone, or any combination of people can answer these questions, I should be in good shape as far as getting it all together.  Once I get the brakes fixed, all I have to do is get that earlier asked about acc cable set-up together, and I will be able to drive it-although I will likely have to re-do the glow plug circuit before I can REALLY count on it as a daily driver.

Thanks for any and all help/knowledge!


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