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Re: [ihc] High Amp Alternator

On Jul 19, 2004, at 11:07 AM, George B Humphrey wrote:

I hope you have a good high amp alternator to go with that 135 amp Mean
Green starter. ;^) I thought about getting a Mean Green alt., until I
saw the price, ouch! $350.00
Yep, this poor old guy doesn't even know the difference between a starter and an alternator any more. The butter has certainly slipped off his noodles, as my wife likes to say.

I do also have a Mean Green starter and I considered trying to fake it to cover my error, but figured that most of you wouldn't buy a 135 amp designation on a starter.

Speaking of high amp starters, I finally tested the amperage draw of my
starter, as you recommended. Don't know if you remember but I was having
trouble getting the fast idle solenoid on the Holley Projection to stay
out during cranking. Everything checked out okay. The amperage draw of
the starter was just a little over 200. Still don't know what's causing
the problem. I liked your suggestion to the problem though and though it
was going to be the winner.
I thought so too. So, is it possible that you have the fast idle solenoid which as I remember is connected to a temp sensor, hooked to a run only circuit rather than one that is live in both the start and run modes?

This would be the next place that I'd look.

I also like the amperage tester from
J.C.Whitney  you recommended. Good for testing alts. too.
Glad it did you good service. I have separate alternator and starter testers that I got from Montgomery Wards about 40 years ago. I don't use them often and remembering where I left them is my only problem with them.

For those who might not know what we're talking about here, it is about an inductive amp tester for high current draw. You put the meter next to the starter cable and read the draw on the meter. J.C. Whitney has one dirt cheap and George is proof that it works, at least his works. I probably paid more than this for mine 40 years ago.


John Hofstetter
Ol' Saline

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