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Re: [ihc] When you 'latch' things down TOO good

Dan Nees wrote:

I have a dilemma. I have done this before, though it's been a while, I
wonder if anyone has any better methods than I.

Anyway, my hood latch has broken. On my Scout. In the closed position.

I've done this twice before, and while I have done this my way, I wonder
if anyone has a better method.

I've had good success by taking my a drill or grinder and making a hole in the hood foward of the latch and off to the side.

I then use the same grinder, or perhaps the Sawzall, to cut a square section of hood to the front, sides, and ultimately rear, of the hood latching pin.

That usually seems to do the trick, and the hood opens pretty easily - just make sure you wear gloves, or you'll shred your fingers on the new hood hole.

Always glad to be of help.


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