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[ihc] RE: Herm The Overdrive Guy

Mike B. indicated that there was a rare OD out there that worked behind the
Dana 20, and he and Jim G. both hinted that Herm was a good source for
equipment of that sort, at a price well below what AA would charge. I didn't
know if he would have one like what Mike was referring to (non Warn), or be
able to suggest something new that would work, but thought I would get the
scoop on his reputation before calling him. Just following all leads...
Thanks, ~John A.

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> From: Joe Mathias [mailto:jmathias@domain.elided]
> Sent: Monday, May 24, 2004 3:05 PM
> To: jma@domain.elided; ihc@domain.elided
> Subject: Herm The Overdrive Guy
> Is a gentleman to deal with.
> But, unless you have a early '60's Scout with a Dana 18, I'm not sure why
> you need to buy something from him?
> His interests mainly center around Jeeps, especially the CJ-3 &
> CJ-5 series
> that used the Dana 18 transfer case.  Other Jeeps of the pre-AMC
> era (prior
> to 1971) also used the Dana 18.
> I would also get the Advanced Adapters manual on their newer
> version of the
> Warn Overdrive for info.
> Joe Mathias   5/24
> jmathias@domain.elided

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