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[ihc] Methods of Work

I have a proposal for the lists that might prove worthwhile. My favorite
part of most do-it-yourself type magazines is the "shop tricks", or "helpful
hints" section. As an example, in Taunton's Fine Woodworking, it's called
"Methods of Work". I was thinking that if we all contributed some
home-brewed idea or technique that makes our truck maintenance or
restoration projects easier, more efficient, etc., we would all benefit from
the collective wisdom. (uh, especially me...)

Below are two feeble offerings to start things out. I hope to see more (and
doubtless better) ideas coming back. I realize that there will be old news,
repeats, improvements on tips offered, arguments against a certain method,
etc. But like in the magazines, if I find just one "gem", it's worth the
cover price. Or here, worth the effort, bandwidth, etc.

Thanks, ~John A.

1. To resurrect the cracked / missing rubber coating of the hood adjusting
bolts on my '67 T'All, I removed them, cleaned them up, then dipped the
heads in the "plastic-kote" material used for coating tool handles. To avoid
bumps and irregularities that occur from material flow, I dried them by
spinning them horizontally on a slow turning motor (used for turn-drying
fly rods, etc.)

2. To prevent (some of) the noise transferred from my transmission up
through the shift lever into the cab, I've wrapped it with gray foam pipe
insulation, fastened with small, black cable ties. It looks -OK-, and does a
surprisingly good job of dampening the sound of my noisy T34.

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