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Re: Reply: [ihc] Welders

On Thu, 29 Apr 2004, David Raistrick wrote:

> On Thu, 29 Apr 2004, Ted Borck wrote:
> > Had some arc welding done at a 3rd world shop here in Miami, and the
> > welder set up the weld without a helmet, closed his eyes, and completed
> > the weld.  It was a good weld.
> I've seen folks do this too...ug.  Eyelids just don't provide the
> appropriate radiation filtration...

*Nothing* like corneal abrasions to make your day. <g>

Found this URL

Welding eye protection


IIRC, it even discusses auto lenses.

> > But I've *never* observed a welder act concerned about the fumes from the
> > welding process.
> While there are plenty of welders who don't appear concerned, many of the
> professionals that I've met and talked with over the years (active and
> retired) /are/ concerned about the smoke and fumes.  And flash.  I've dug
> around for some of their commentary on these issues, but I'm not finding
> it...hmm.

> Proper ventilation is a must, and fresh air breathers are not a bad idea
> for long projects or tight spaces.

Have to admit that most of the welders I'd been around would finish the
weld, take a break and light a cigarette.

Good welding fume URL - toxic metal gases et al.


Ted Borck	tborck@domain.elided

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