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Re: [ihc] 74/75 Starters Update to clarify

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From: "Joel M Brodsky" <jmbrodsky@domain.elided>
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Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 11:19
Subject: Re: [ihc] 74/75 Starters Update to clarify

> Tom,
>       Yes I used the shim.  The starter that came out had it, so I figured
> I should puti t back in.
> -JoelB
> -why do you ask?

Same transmission as it had previously?  Just double checking on this one
since if it was an auto engine and you put it in a manual tranny'd truck (or
the other way around) that's a problem as the flexplate for an auto is
physically smaller than the flywheel as far as diameter goes (which is why
the spacer is there).


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