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RE: [ihc] Tools, tools, tools

## >> As you well know, attempting to use a floor jack to R&R a 727
## >> or 4 speed
## >> and transfer case will probably result in (at best) damage to
## >> either the
## >> trans or transfer case.

this kind of depends on the situation and vehicle in question, i think.  not
having a Scout II to compare with, i have to use my 800/800A as my guide.
when we last did the clutch and throw-out bearing in the 800A, we used a
floor jack.  but we kind of cheated a little.  we used the floor jack to
support the tranny and transfer case, but we removed the tranny tunnel cover
too.  we ran several lengths of pony-line around the roof and down into the
tranny hole to support the tranny/transfer case combo, with the floorjack
holding it up to get the right tension on the pony-line.  once that was
done, we unbolted the transmission, lowered the jack, pushed the tranny
combo backwards from the engine (another floor jack under the back of the
engine), put in a couple spacers to keep them separated while we worked,
with a line from the transfer case to the rear axle to keep it from slipping
forward and crushing arms and hands if the spacers fell out, and the floor
jack back under it once it was back far enough.

using the pony-line supports, it was relatively easy to swing the tranny
combo back and forth as needed, and it made aligning the throw-out bearing
with the clutch fork a snap when we put it back together.  with the jack
under it, we could raise and lower the back of the engine as needed to line
it up with the bellhousing, which helped.  probably not the ideal solution
for everybody, but it worked pretty well for us at the time.  the 800A
doesn't have any carpeting or interior appointments to speak of, so that
made it a lot easier.  for people with carpet kits and floor mats and
insulation and that sort of thing, this may not be a very workable plan.

## >> Not to mention what might happen to adjacent parties.

i hate to think what might have happened if we'd not secured the tranny
combo at the rear and it had swung forward while we were shoulders-deep in
the bell housing/clutch area.  even with the jacks and pony-lines, that
tranny combo is pretty darned heavy.  i've over-simplified a bit on how
easy/hard it was to actually swing the combo forward and back when we needed
to, but the theory itself was pretty simple, and it did work very well for
us at the time.

does a Scout II have a tranny tunnel cover the way the 80/800s do?  or is
this a strictly under-the-truck operation for those?

my nickel/grain of salt, as per normal.


Take care and be well, all thee and thine;

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Hail the Gods and Goddesses of our Folk!

Krystof "Mac" MacBryghde


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