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Re: [ihc] Special Tools, comments on gear wrenches

on 2/25/04 9:59 AM, Joel M Brodsky at jmbrodsky@domain.elided wrote:

> My standard ratcheting box wrenches have far too large of a head housing to
> fit where this bolt is,  and the throw of the wrench is limited by the
> exhaust manifold above and the frame and the starter below.
> ugh.
> Thanks!
> JoelB

Snap-On says that their Blue Point gear wrenches have a 4.5 degree
engagement angle. Also in their picture, the wrench looks very slim. Very
good looking wrenches indeed!

Of course for the price of one set of 8, you can probably buy a 512 piece
Craftsman tool set. <sad grin>

But, they'd be a real show piece in your burgeoning tool display. I had a
birthday last month, why don't you get me a set too?


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