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[ihc] RE: You Must Wipe It, Wipe It Good!!

Hi Dennis, 

Your plan sounds like a winner, but I think I must replace the arm anyhow.
In case you missed it, here's reason #2 again! ;-) I'll file your idea for
future use, in case I get a good working arm.

Don't know of a nice way to fix THAT prob w/o replacing the whole arm at
this point, but I'm open to ideas. 

Happy Trails,



2) It appears as if someone (DPO?) had started to drill out (but didn't
finish) the main 'rivet' on the left wiper. Drilled it maybe 2/3 - 3/4 of
the way out. Mayhaps for a failed mod or something.  Wished I'd noticed that
when I did a correct mod on it soon after I got it (just over a year ago!).
Well, under frequent use, the remainder of the rivet has
deteriorated/weakened, and now the whole blade 'flops' depending on the
direction the arm is going in, thereby wiping more with the SIDE of the
blade, rather than the edge of the blade - if ya follow that! %^}

So I'm thinking the hot set-up at this point would simply be a replacement

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