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[ihc] RHD vs. LHD steering boxes

Couldn't one take the input shaft, worm and sector shaft from a LHD box and
put it the RHD box and vice versa?  Thus making a correct rotation box?  It
doesn't seem like too big of a chore.


I'm going to file this info away.  On a vehicle with the straight 6
cylinder engine, the LHD P/S box can work.  On a vehicle with a V8 you
run into problems - that trick won't work.  You either do the Ford box
switch, OR you get the "mythic Travelall box" and use that.  Yes, I know
it rotates in the wrong direction, but if you can mount it far enough
forward on the frame rail, it should work.  Either solution requires
some degree of fabrication, but at least the T/A box is a legitimate IHC
part.  And may save you some work with the pitman arm - I'm not sure on
that part.  Even if you could reverse the rotation on the T/A box, the
bolt holes don't line up, so it's probably not worth the effort to even
try that.


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