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Re: [ihc] NPG tech papers

on 1/16/04 6:58 PM, James Lidberg at jameslidberg@domain.elided wrote:

> http://www.lyondell.com/html/products/markets/coolants/technical_information/t
> echnical_papers.shtml
> **************

From this particular URL, I looked over the rest of the site in regard to

PG got very favorable reviews based on a number of tests.

I had forgotten that one of the reasons I went with the NPG was because it
reduces cavitation damage to the cylinders of the diesel engine.

Guess I'll stick with it in my diesel. Who am I kidding? I can't afford to
dump it anyway, considering how much it cost in the first place. <g>

Thanks, Jim, for directing us to that site.


John Hofstetter

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