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[ihc] Outfitting my shop

This christmas I'm finally taking the big step of buying a fancy
sandblasting cabinet from tptools.com and big air compressor to replace
the fisher-price thing 3hp thing I've gotten by on for years (decades?). 
This should eliminate my last reason for not finishing a '68 truck I've
been rehabbing for years.

What I want to do, though, is build some sort of manifold system so I can
put the compressor in a corner and have piping to air outlets around the
shop - a total of probably 100 feet of piping.	What do people recommend
for piping and connections and valves?	I will have to attach it to cinder
block walls.  Do I need a condensation/dirt trap at each outlet?  Any help
based on experience would be appreciated.

Jim Camery 

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